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Our 5 favorites Soviet architecture buildings in Tbilisi

The following Top 5 is a mixture of some iconic and also lesser known Brutalist buildings of the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi . Hate them or love them but none of this raw concrete beauties will leave you stone cold …

Tbilisi 's Stonehenge

The Chronicle of Georgia AKA Georgian stonehenge // Tbilisi // 1985 // Sculptor Zurab Konstantines dze Tsereteli

Its construction was started in 1985 under the Soviet regime and is still partially incomplete. The massive monument overlooks the Caucasian city of Tbilisi . Made of 30 meter tall columns, the Georgian “stonehenge” features the stories of ancient queens, heroes and kings of the kingdom of Sakartvelo while the bottom panels depict episodes from the life of the Christ

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Batman 's den

Daedalus‘s bas-relief of the Auditorium of Technical College  // 1976 // Tbilisi // Georgia

Best known for the gold and bronze green Daedalus‘s bas-relief this auditorium of the former Technical University is now used for accommodating IDP’s ( internally displaced persons ) after the civil wars in Akhazia and South-Ossetia.

The archeological museum

Museum of Archaeology // Tbilisi // Georgia

The unusual circular shape of the former museum of archeology is not the only surprise you will encounter on that site. On the rear end of the building you can find the entrance to explore the main exhibition room of the now closed museum

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Tbilisi 's Skybridge

Tbilisi Nutsubidze plato ‘s iconic sky bridge Sky Bridge // 1974-1976 // Georgia

Designed by Georgian architects O. Kalandarishvili and G. Potskhishvili and  completed in 1976. The Nutsubidze plateau‘s complex consists of three housing blocks constructed on a hillside and connected together by a sketchy suspended foot bridge . As a curiosity it is worth to add that it costs 20 Tetri if you want to go up to higher stories

The Georgian Tetris
 The Bank of Georgia headquarters (former Soviet Ministry of Roads ) // Tbilisi // Georgia // Architects George Chakhava and Zurab Jalaghania // 1975.
Probably the most famous building of Tbilisi, the Tetris-like shape of the Soviet Ministry of Roads is a classical example of Soviet constructivism.
The construction project was lead by the architect Giorgi Chakhava who, at that time, was also the deputy minister of the Georgia Ministry of Roads .
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Check out the map below to plan your route for a tour of the best Brutalist architecture sights of Tbilisi, or join us along our Tbilisi ‘s Soviet Concrete Walking Tour for more discovers !.

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