Belarusian Exclusion Zone

The 20th century brought upon Belarus some of the harshest ordeals one can think of. Human technology showed this small but great nation how destructive it can be.
Practically eradicated from the map on 2nd World War – or the Great Patriotic War, as named to the East – Belarus knew, like a Phoenix, how to rise from the ashes and rebuilt itself.
Little over 40 years after the end of the war Belarus saw itself being again invaded, this time by a silent force: the radioactive cloud emerging from the #Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plan explosion. This led to massive displacements and the closure of a large area in the south of the country.
Now, 30 years passed over the accident, the authorities partially opened the region to organized visits. The Pripyat Radiation Reserve is probably the biggest de-humanized area in Europe and even in the world. For all this time nature, slowly but steadily, regained its rule over man.


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